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KAY FC =] Not the gaffers view ;)

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KAY FC =] Not the gaffers view ;) Empty KAY FC =] Not the gaffers view ;)

Post  TheGaffer Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:57 pm

Hey up all.

Thought i might make some passing comments on the game.

We were shitting all over them in the first half lads. Superb play.

Second half, we came into the match thinking we'd be able to shit on them. We should of done, we could of done.

But we seemed to enter the second half in the mind set that we should be scoring, and therefore should be pushing up, as if we were comfortably ahead. This left us short at the back.

Their too front men, Dan & Dan, have bags of pace, we dont. They shat on via HOOF. Hoofball beat us lads.

Ahh well. I went on to impress them birds, i got a sexy backheel, they'll probs want to shag me now... Wink

Onwards and Upwards. BORIS. x

We know now, Dan clewes is mint in the air, JP is short. Dave should of marked him. We didnt know that Smile

Ahh well. Lull them into a false sence of security, and take the league by storm Very Happy

true faith x

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