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Post  Gianni Zuiverloon Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:23 pm

The performance was good. More possession, more time in their half, their adults ffs and we totally outplayed them, yet the frustrating thing is that yet again we came away with nothing. The performance was on a par with the win against the wetherspoons (previously the society). The only difference was that we didnt take our chances, and turn our possession and territory into goals. There were so many times when we had it just outside the area, but were trying to pass it into the net and overplaying, rather than having a shot. If you dont shoot you dont win games. The only occasions when we did actually shoot, it was blasted straight at the keeper, rather than placed in the corner, where the keeper cant get it in these goals and pitches. We must practice this. The defence was pretty solid bar one individual error, and in midfield we dominated. We just need to be clinical and ruthless in the final third.

We played well anyway, so well done, next match at 6:30 so be there at 6, against the Brewers. Btw I also think that there needs to be more talking done on the pitch, for example when your free in the middle call for it, or if someones unmarked, tell the player in that position, this will help. Lastly, I think the squad was too big today, so we may have to think about cutting it down, and rotating which keeper plays each game, the other one watching.

Please give your views on the game, see you at school tomorrow, bring in a ball so we can practice!

Gianni Zuiverloon

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Post  TBFC Legend Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:37 pm

Pube has got it completlely right there, basically the squad is too big! We only need about 2 subs per game, look at the time we had 7 players against wetherspoons and WON, dave has the horrible task of havin to give EVERYONE a game, it takes our minds off wat is the most important thing, puttin the ball in the back of the fuckin goal!!!!!! I thought the passin was top class tho and we moved the ball very quick in the main, however we seem to hav trouble finishing. Arthur stood out for me as the best defender because there were a couple of 1-1's that he dealt with very well, i think he's the unsung hero tbh. I wasn't to sure of my role this week boys, me n sam were a little confused about who upfront, which brings me on to communication, which as pub mentioned needs to improve! WELL PLAYED IN THE MAIN AND I LUV U (L)

TBFC Legend

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Post  TheGaffer Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:44 pm

Im doing my best to sort the squad size issue out mate.

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Grimshaw Rovers Empty ian

Post  Irish Legend Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:28 pm

well done mate..bout time Very Happy

Irish Legend

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